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Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (ANC/PANC) is the major airport of Alaska, which is located on the northern-eastern tip of the Cooks Inlet, only 4 miles (6 km) southwest of downtown Anchorage.

Constructed in 1951 as Anchorage International Airport, and renamed by the Alaska Legislature in 2000 to honor current and long-standing U.S. Senator Ted Stevens. It is Alaska Airlines second-largest hub. It is also a major cargo hub and, as of 2006, ranks as the world's third-busiest airport by cargo traffic, after Memphis and Hong Kong. The majority of passenger flight operations are on Alaska Airlines to and from Seattle (an average of 20 flights per day). In 2006 5.043.147 million passengers traveled through its gates.

Anchorage was a common stopover for passengers flying to East Asia from the 1960s to the 1980s because US, Asian, and Western European aircraft, such as the Douglas DC-8s and Boeing 707s could not fly over Soviet airspace, and because they did not have the range that modern-day aircraft have. Today, many cargo carriers continue to use Anchorage. Some passenger aircraft still stop at Anchorage on flights between Asia and the eastern United States.

Anchorage airport serves a total of 46 airlines, 10 charters and 25 International all- cargo operators.

FedEx and UPS operate major hubs at Anchorage International for cargo heading to and from the Far East. NWA Cargo also operates a major hub at the airport. FedEx's is the largest and can handle as many as 13,400 packages per hour, employing more than 1,200 people and providing a full customs clearance system. UPSs hub handles about 5,000 parcels per hour. Both companies forecast a large growth in traffic over the next several years as trade with China and other Far East countries increases and plan to expand their Anchorage facilities comparatively. The United States Postal Service also operates a large sectional center facility (SCF). It processes mail and parcels headed to and from all Alaska cities.

Anchorage Airport facts:

- Anchorage is within 9.5 hours of 90% of the industrialized world. - It has nearly 600 wide-body landings per week. - It ranks as the worlds 3rd largest airport in the world in term of cargo tonnage. - It has three runways over 10.600ft the longest being 11.584ft. - No slot restrictions or curfews, its operational 24 hours a week. - It has never closed for weather or snow. - It has special exemption permitting Stage 3 aircraft operations to and from and within Alaska. - 49 wide-body hydrant fueling positions - Daily fuel flowage is nearly 2.5 million gallons of fuel.

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