SAVO CP-1025 Curtiss C-46F-1-CU 22436 N4974V ex SAVCO sold to Avesca Colombia

AEROVIAS LAS MINAS / AEROMINAS CP-1077 Curtiss C-46D-10-CU 32968 N9588Z

NORTH EAST BOLIVIAN AIRWAYS = NEBA CP-1224 Curtiss C-46A-55-CK 174 HC-AMV wfu La Paz

SAVO CP-1280 Curtiss C-46F-1-CU 22569 N64287 sold to Trans Aereos Luwior

TRANSPORTES AEREOS BOLIVAR = TAB CP-1319 Curtiss C-46F-1-CU 22428 N600SE sold to NEBA


CP-1291 Douglas DC-7C 45470 N531K Sudamericana w/o 27-7-1980

CP- 1207 Douglas C-54D-10-DC 10790 N62441 Frigorificos Reyes

AIR BENI CP-987 Curtiss C-46A-45-CU 27079 N91365 Delivered as 42-107392 to US Army AF June-1944 Transferred to the USAF in September 1947 Wfu & stored long period Bought by Parts Inc during 02-03-65 and became N91365 Purchased in 1972 by Trans Aereos Illimani as CP-987. During 1977 was seen wfu and stored at La Paz. Then several owners followed: Frigorifico Movina (78): Sabni Ltda (83), Aerovias Las Minas (88) and Aerobeni in 1991 during 1994 company changed name to Air Beni: Wfu and stored La Paz seen during 2000.

CP-1655 Curtiss C-46D-15-CU 33294 PP-BUB Delivered to US Air Force in February 1945 - after service in Pakistan it was sold to the Government of India. Later it was registered to some different owners before it became N 3958A with Associated Air Transport. It was then rebuilt by LB Smith to Super 46C and sold to Transair in March 1961as SE-CFH. Upon arrival in Malmö there was a large freight door installed, as this aircraft was the only TSA C 46 that arrived without freight door. Leased by ONU between May 06 1962 until September 23 1963. A new lease under the name Transair Congo took place between June 30 1965 until March 16, 1966. In May the same year it was flown to Las Palmas, Canary Islands for storage. In November it was sold to Paraense, Belem, Brazil for US$ 60.000 and made its delivery flight to the new owners just before Christmas 1966. It was flown Las Palmas - Dakar - Sao Luiz - Belem and the distance between Dakar - Sao Luiz took 10 hours and 36 min, which is a record for TSA C 46. Extra fuel tanks were mounted in Las Palmas before the long ferry flight. It was registered PP-BUB January 10 1967 to Paraense and later sold (1974) with the same registration to TABA (Transportes Aereos Regionais da Bacia Amazonica S.A.) also in Belem, Brazil. It was still there in 1993. In 1995 the aircraft was registered CP-1655 and owned by Servicios Aereos Cochabamba in Bolivia. In 1997 with the same registration the new owner was Servicios Aereos Oriental and 1998 there was again a new owner, Transportes Aereos Universal Ltda. Finally in 1999 the aircraft was still in use and now as CP-1655 with SAO (Servicios Aereos del Oriente). Made a emergency landing at unknown location (Aug. 1999) was deemed not economical for repairs. During 2003 a/c was bought by NEBA Airlines and repaired. Additionally she was ferried to La Paz and noted January 200

LINEAS AEREAS CANEDO LTDA = LAC CP-973 Curtiss C-46D-10-CU 32941 N32227 Delivered as 44-77545 to US Army AF December-1944 Transferred to the USAF in 1947 Bought by Part Inc and reregistered as N32227 March 1969 Sold to Aerovias Las Minas as CP-973 during March 1972 Bought by Transportes Aereos Bolivar 1982 Two year later she changed hands to Aerovias Las Minas again. During 1993 Frigorifico Santa Rita was the proud owner of the Commando. She was seen wfu & stored La Paz Dec 2000.

CP-2421 C-117D 43365 ex HI-545CT The history of this particular aircraft can be traced back to 12 April 1944. Originally built as a standard Navy model R4D-5 (c/n 12979) She was delivered to the US Navy NATS VR-3 and VR-4 squadron. She was part of a batch of 100 aircraft's to be converted to Super DC-3 status known as R4D-8, which in turn became the C-117D. Converted in 1962 she was delivered to the USMC at Beaufort as H & MS 27 'QF'. She ended her naval career and moved to Davis Monthan storage yards Tuscon (Arizona) from September 1976 to February 1977. In November 1983 she began her new civilian career with Hawkins & Powers Aviation Inc. as N4505W. Not sure if H&P used her for cargo operations, but by the mid eighties she was sold to Trado/Trans Dominican Airways as HI-545CT. I personally photographed this aircraft on the ramp of Las Americas Airport, Santo Domingo, in between cargo flights. Acc to the records she was leased to Aero Nicaragua for a short while, before returning to Trado. After the cargo scene at Santo Domingo airport collapsed the Super DC-3 was sold to the US and was seen December 1993 at Opa Locka and later at Tamiami Airport (FL), still in bare metal look registered as N545CT. Registered to Robinson Air Crane she was noted at Deland Airport (FL) May 1998 with a 'For Sale' sign in the cockpit window. In May 2002 she was still seen at Opa Locka airport being worked on, she now had a different set of propeller blades, belonging to a Grumman S2 Tracker? On the 27th August 2002 Lineas Aereos Canedo purchased the Super DC-3 and registered it CP-2421. (Her US registration was cancelled on the 24th September 2002 and mention was made as 'exported to Bolivia') Still in bare metal colours, CP-2421 was seen at Curacao 'Hato' Airport (Dutch Antilles) during February 2003. Apparently an engine had failed and the ferry flight was diverted to Hato, where the crew had to change the offending engine. After the successful ferry Cochabamba, LAC initiated a complete restoration in order to bring this former freighter back to a passenger carrying aircraft. 56% of the aircraft skin had been replaced, while the whole cabin was refurbished with brand new cabin lining, window panels, a rear toilet and stowage area. The rebuilt took one and a half years and cost roughly $300,000 dollars. 

CP-1128 DC-3-201 1998 ex NC18122 Lineas Aereas Canedo (LAC)

CP-607 DC-3 12570 ex Tavic wfu – stored Cochabamba

CP-1419 DC-3 16240/32988 ex Tavic wfu – stored Cochabamba

FAB-542 B-25 preserved at round-about Cochabamba

CP-1356 C131 329 0-17917 preserved as a library at Cochabamba: Ex Frigorifico Reyes

Delivered as 44-78605 to US Army AF 16-7-1945 Bought by China National Aviation Corp a year later 15-5-1946 Reregistered as N8374C to Civil Air Transport Dec 1949 To Flying Tigers Line as N4863V in 1952 Bought by Zantop Air Transport during Feb 1952 (Leased to Flying Tiger line during 1955). Re-registered as N617Z Zantop Air Transport in 1960 to Universal Airlines Rr
As N600SE Span East Airlines bought July 1970 Bought by Ortner Air Services in August 1971 Later to Plymouth Leasing Comp As was later wfu & stored at Detroit Willow Run Purchased by Dade Aviation Montenegro during 1976 Registered as CP-1308 to Air Procace Again to N600SE and reposed 20-11-1976 As CP-1319 to Transportes Aereos Bolivar same month 11-76 Wfu & stored La Paz 1983 Bought by Camba Transportes Aereos July 1996. Wfu & stored La Paz 12 2000 was used in Pall Mall photo shoot during spring 2002. A/c flew to at La Paz and to Rurrernabaque in the Beni.

N2520B L049 2081 N2520B Delivered October 1946 to LAV as L049 YV-C-AME To Braniff Airlines August 1955 as N2520B sold to Trans American November 1959 and onwards To Empire Supply Company November 1960 Forced to land at Santa Cruz, Bolivia July 1961 while on a smuggling flight Stored at Santa Cruz until the early 1970's when it was moved four miles to Parque Boris Banzer which is small a children's park


Credit and source acc: Roy Blewett (Survivors 2002) TAHS 2002 ‘Piston Airliners Production List’ and (1982) Air Britain Civil Register of Bolivia.