Winter in Edmonton Canada

When I visited Edmonton during 1987 for a family visit, my intentions was also to investigate the local aviation scene at both International and municipal airport. Although it was winter time with temperatures dropping down to minus 15 degrees Celsius, I was able to make some nice pictures from the viewing decks. At Edmonton municipal I visited the maintenance hanger of Conair were they were performing winter checks on their DC-6 water-bomber fleet. Additionally three Canadian government Canadair CL-215s were also in winter inspection.
In addition I made arrangements to visit Time Air. At the time they were operating the Convair 580 turboprop aircraft. Time Air was founded in 1966 by businessman Walter “Stubb” Ross from Lethbridge in Alberta with a single Beech 18. It was originally called "Lethbridge Air Service" before becoming Time Air.
When Air Canada stopped flying out of Lethbridge in 1967, Time Air helped fill a void and grew quickly operating a fleet of twin Otters and Short 330/360 aircrafts.
During my visit they were the primary regional carrier operation a fleet of three DeHavilland Dash 7s, five Convair 580s and two new Short 360s. The Short 360s were basically used on the Time Air – Connector service from Vancouver to three locations on Vancouver Island. The Convairs served mainly the northern cities such as Cold Lake, Fort McMurray, Fort Chipewyan, High Level, Rainbow Lake, Peace River and Grande Prairie. The Dash 7s were mainly used on the Southern sectors such as Calgary, Lethbridge and Medicine Hat. Time Air corporate office was located in Calgary, while its major technical facility was located at Edmonton Municipal airport. It is here where I the Convair fleet in action. The CV-580s were equipped with 52 seats, an Fwd and Aft cargo bay. In the aft section it had a small pantry and two flight attendant stations. Fitted with two Allison 501-D13H turbine engines provided the Convair with a cruise speed of 340 mph and a comfortable cruising altitude of 25.00 ft. Time Air also operated two Rolls-Royce powered, Dart 524-4, Convair 640s. When I spoke to the maintenance supervisor Bert Melse, the Convair fleet was in excellent condition, but showing their age. They were probably going to be replaced by the Dash 8, which Time Air was in the process of buying!

Calgary International Airport – 05/02/87
C-GOPW B737-275C 22160 Pacific Western Airlines
C-GIPW B737-275< 21712 Pacific Western Airlines
C-GAVA B767-233 22526 Air Canada
C-FTMA DC-9-32 47266 Air Canada
C-GQBB B737 Canadian Pacific
C-GQBH B737 Canadian Pacific
EI-BRB B737-253 22279 Western Airlines
N2806W B727-247 20268 Western Airlines
N18480 B727-76 18741 Continental

Edmonton Municipal Airport – 09/02/87
C-FICA Convair 58098 Time Air
C-FPWS Convair 640441 Time Air
C-GKFW Convair 580347 Time Air
C-GTAO Convair 580 116 Time Air
C-FPWY Convair 640108 Time Air
C-GTAJ DHC-7-10230 Time Air
vC-GWTG DHC-7-102 Time Air
C-FQBT Twin Otter
C-GGPW B737-275 21639 Pacific Western Airlines
C-GRPW B737-275 22266 Pacific Western Airlines
C-GNP B737-275 22159 Pacific Western Airlines
C-GBWA Learjet
C-FPXD B727-100 Echo Bay Mines
C-FGZJ Fairchild F-27J 53 Norcan Air
C-GHLZ DC-6B 45478 Conair
C-GHLY DC-6B 45501 Conair
C-GJKT DC-6B 45179 Conair
C-GKUG DC-6B 45177 Conair
C-GBYU CL-215 1083
C-GBPD CL-215 1084
C-GCSX CL-215 1088

Edmonton International Airport – 10/02/87
C-FCRB DC-10-30 46940 Canadian Pacific
C-GCPZ B737-217 22658 Canadian Pacific
vC-FTMJ DC-9-32 47348 Air Canada
C-FTLX DC-9-32 47199 Air Canada
C-GAAP B727-233 21625 Air Canada
C-GXRC DC-10-30 46978 Wardair Canada
130337 C-130 CAF
505-422-618 T33 CAF
001 T33 CAF-Gate Guard