Mehrabad Airport
Past Azadi Square, Karaj Rd
Tehran - Iran
Telephone: 21.600.9318/8168

Iran Air 737-286 Adv EP-IRH , IRF , IRI
Iran Air Cargo 747-2J9F EP-ICC
Iran Air 737 EP-IGA
Iran Air 727-100 EP-IRC
Iran Aseman Airlines F-28 EP-ASE
Iran - Government 727-100 EP-PLN , EP-GDS
Iran Air 737-200 EP-IGD
Air Universal Lockheed L-1011 Tristar 9L-LDC , 9L-LDG
Aero Commander 500 EP-ABD
Aero Commander 500S 5- 2502
Aero Commander 500S 5- 2504
Aero Commander 680FLP EP-AHU
Aero Commander 681 5 59
Aero Commander 681B EP-AKA
Aero Commander 681B EP-AKB
Aero Commander 681B 5-282
Aero Commander 690 5-2501
Aero Composites Sea Hawker
Cessna 414 EP-KID
De Havilland D.H.C.1 Chipmunk 22 (T.10) EP-AFN
De Havilland D.H.C.2 Beaver (L 20A) (U 6A) 6 9701
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De Havilland D.H.C.4A Caribou 552
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Douglas A 26B Invader N956R
Douglas DC 3A EP-TWB
Fairchild Hiller FH 227D (FH 227) EP-SNA
Fokker F.27 Friendship 600 5 4101
Kaman K 600 3 Huskie (H 43B) (HH 43B) HH43 9411
North American NA 168 Texan (T 6G) 03 546
Piper PA 18 135 Super Cub
Piper PA 23 250 Aztec E EP PAH
Sparrow Commander A 9B EP AHH
Next to the museum is the air restaurant with
Boeing 707-321B EP-IRJ now painted in new colours.
Saad Abad Palace Military Museum
De Havilland D.H.C.2 Beaver IIAF 6-9704
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