Alaska Sky Trucks - 2007

Alaska holds the honorable title of the last ‘Great Bastion’ of the prop-driven airliners! It seems to go from strength to strength. This is the place were the four engine Douglas DC-6s, DC-4s and C-46s rules the skies. The big players are still Northern Air Cargo (NAC) and Everts Air Cargo (EAC). Both have their main operating base of operations at Anchorage Ted Stevens International Airport. During the peak of the summer season as many as 5 to 6 DC-6s departures can observe. Currently at NAC the ATR-42 and B-727 have left the scene and the small twin engine B737-200 has become the back bone of the fleet.

Everts Air Cargo
Situated on the North side of the airport, Everts Air Cargo has an equivalent size of operations. Depending on the amount of cargo as many as 3 DC-6s can be seen loading on the ramp simultaneously. There are daily departures to Aniak, Barrow via Fairbanks, Dillingham, Emmonak, Galena, Illamna, king Salmon, Kotzebue, Nome, St.Mary’s and Unalakleet, depending on which day of the week. The C-46 makes a daily evening run, at 19.00 hours LT.

N555SQ Douglas DC-6 (45137)
Came off the assembly line as a DC-6B model for United Airlines 22 June 1957 with tail number N37585 After 11 years with United she was sold to Mars Aviation Inc and later to Frank V Amarel Seen wfu-stored at Ryan Field Arizona May 1972 sold to Rosenbalm Aviation Re-sold to Sis-Q Flying Service “tanker-45” (March 1973) Sold to Macavia International Corp May 1985 and later ended up with T & G Aviation February 1991 She was noted wfu-stored at Chandler Field Arizona
Both Pacific Harbour Capital Inc and Barron Thomas Aviation Inc had her in its inventory before being sold to Alaska with Everts Air Fuel (February 1994) Later with Air Cargo Express (April 1996)

N251CE Douglas DC-6 (44612)
Built as a military C-118A model and delivered to the USAF (December 1954) as 53-3241 Later transferred to the USN as 153693 Spend some time at the storage yards at Davis Monthan AFB No history available until her sale to Everts Air Fuel December 1985 as N251CE Next registered to Tatonduk Outfitters Ltd and Air Cargo Express

N400UA Douglas DC-6 (44258)
Rolled of the Santa Monica production line as a DC-6A destined for Pan American World Airways named Clipper Gladiator during May 1954 Registered as N6258C she served six years with Panam before being sold to the Portuguese Air force as 6703 August 1961 Served with SATA Portugal as CS-TAN (1976) Bought by Aero B and took up Venezuelan markings YV-296C and was based at Porlamar Venezuela (1978) Sold to Universal Airlines July 1984 and moved up to the USA Several companies followed: American World Air lease, Albert Newton Ball, Piedmont Air Transport, Karen Gillespie, Tarheel Aircraft Leasing She moved to Palmer Alaska and operated for Woods Air Fuel Inc June 1998 Sold to Everts Air Cargo

N54514 Curtiss C-46 (33285)
Built as a C-46D-10-CU model and delivered to the USAF February 1945 with tail code 44-77889 Later went to the Japanese Air Defense Force November 1955 Noted wfu-stored at Miho Air Base Japan Bought by Wayne Craft 1st June 1978 and went to United Commercial Received a civil registration N54514 with Alaskan Rental & Sales and was seen wfu-stored at Fairbanks Alaska Eventually purchased by Tatonduk Outfitters Ltd August 1996 Transferred to Everts Air Cargo

Northern Air cargo
Northern Air Cargo (NAC) was founded back in 1956 and is headquartered at Anchorage Airport. Originally established as a charter air freight service, Northern air cargo pioneered air cargo transportation in Alaska. The used the odd looking C-82 flying boxcar in the delivery of outsized cargo to rural communities. At a later stage the all cargo DC-6 became the back bone of the fleet and at one point they where the world largest operator of the type. Currently only two DC-6 remain airworthy. The Boeing B737-200 model has now taken over most of the NAC routes.

N2907F Douglas DC-6 (44636)
Delivered as a C-118A model to the USAF on the 21st April 1955 and carried the tail number 53-3265 She served for 20 years before retirement at the Davis Monthan AFB in Arizona Took up civilian marks N2907F on the 12th May 1976 with Cryderman Air Services Bought by Time Aviation Services (1978) Was seen wfu-stored at Tucson Arizona March 1991 purchased by Northern Air Cargo and moved up to Anchorage Alaska

Trans Northern LLC
Based on the northern shores of Lake Hood, the world’s busiest floatplane airport, Trans Northern houses its main office and maintenance hanger, overlooking Lake Hood. They operated a pair of Super DC-3s (C-117D) on passenger and freight charters to the numerous fishing lodges. Its fleet includes the Beech 99 and Fairchild Metroliner III jet prop aircraft. Bush Air Cargo operates under the Trans Northern certificate and used to DC-3s in cargo configuration.

N851M Douglas C117 (43302)
(ex c/u 32793) Delivered as a RUD 6th nov 1951 as 39097
served until Sept. 1973 and then stored at D.M. AFB between Aug. '76 en Dec. '77.
Took up civilian marks as N851M with Florida Surplus Property. To Lee County Health Dept. Fort Myers April 1978.
Purchased May 1990 by Airpower Inc. Seen in UIP config at Clearwater A/P-CA Sept.1955 (stored for while). Migrated to Alaska during spring of 2007.

N30TN DC-3s (43159)
This particular aircraft was originally ordered back in October 1940 by American Airlines with a right-hand rear door and with the registration NC33662 reserved, but was not delivered. It entered service 10th January 1941 with the serial 41-7700 (c/n 4122) as a model C-50 It was released from USAAF service in May 1944 and was offered for sale back to American Airlines. It entered civilian service on 3rd July 1944 as "Flagship New Jersey". It was subsequently sold back to the Douglas Aircraft Co. 15th February 1949 where it became the second airframe to be converted to a DC-3S, (Super DC-3) at which point the c/n changed to 43159. This was the second DC-3S to be converted and carried the registration N30000.
After seven years Douglas finally sold it to the Harburt Construction Company as N322HC in 1958. Three years later it was sold to Raytheon who operated it for a couple of years as N223R who in turn sold the aircraft in 1963 to the Burdick Grain Co. in Minneapolis as N6811. Three years later it was sold to Mercantile Bank of Monterey in Mexico where it was registered as XB-NIW were it stayed for over six years. The aircraft was re-imported privately to the USA as N567M in December 1972 and in August 1976 was sold again to Air Travel Associated in Dallas TX In the early Eighties it was used as a drug runner on two occasions each time being seized and eventually sold on. In June 1984 it was sold by the US Drug Enforcement Agency to Aviation Enterprises Addison TX. Who registered it N53315. It went through a couple of owners before finally ending up with the "City Council of Beaufort County" in South Carolina where it was used for spraying Finally in January 2003 it moved to Alaska and was registered N30TN in January 2004. Although the FAA files show the owner as DES LLC, Wilmington, DE

Desert Air
Desert Air operates under Part 135 (air carrier certified) license and has small niche in the freight business in Alaska. With the excellent capabilities of the Douglas C-47(DC-3), Desert Air serves the local rural village which has an airstrip between 2500 and 3000 ft. During the summer months the DC-3 operates on a daily basis. Desert Air originally operated out of Salt lake City, Utah. Currently a new type has been added to the fleet and the Convair 240 server more destinations

N153PA Convair 240 (304)
Built as a military version T-29B for the USAF (1953) with tail code 51-7892 Stored at Davis Monthan Air force base March 1977 Purchased by Southwestern Alloy scrap-yard and received a civil registration N153PA for Providence Air Charter February 1980 Sold to Joda Partnership, Sundance Air and was re-registered to N67SA Re-sold to Cool Air February 1991 which in turn sold it to Renown Aviation Inc and was again re-registered now as N88RV Bought by Air Tahoma in 2000 and it original registration was applied. Purchased by Desert Air early 2007 and moved up to Alaska

N44587 Douglas C-47A (c/n 12857)
12857 was delivered as 42-92995 to the USAAF on 27Mar44. It was posted in North Africa on 24Apr44, but returned to the USA on 20Aug45. It was signed to RFC 05Jun46 (Reconstruction Finance Corporation (RFC) It was assigned tail-number NC44587 for West Coast Airlines on 06Nov46, and leased as CF-ONH for Pacific Western A/L from 17Apr62; then back to W Coast A/L on 06Aug63 as N44587; Pacific Western must have liked it, because they bought CF-ONH on 15Mar64. At some point Air west bought it and registered it as N44587. This lasted until Aerodyne Corp from Renton; WA bought it 28Jan69 (registered it on 09Apr69) In January 1980 it was seen in derelict condition, apparently inactive since May74. It was reregistered as N353SA for Salair in Jan88. It was reported at Nanaimo B.C. in Jan97 as N44587.The inactivity lasted until 10Jan92 when it was bought by RF Aircraft Services Inc It was registered for Alta Leasing of Salt Lake City, UT on 08Dec97

Lynden Air Cargo
The Lynden name has been around for nearly a century in the freight business, especially in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska region. In 1995 Lynden Air Cargo was born and began operating from Anchorage to Bethel, Dillingham, Kotzebue and Nome, using a pair of Lockheed L382 Hercules. The provide scheduled and charter cargo service through out the state of Alaska including services for the US military.

N404LC L-382G-38C (4763)
Originally delivered to Alaska International Air November 1977 Sold to Cargo Masters as N108AK and arrived Sydney August 18982 (also seen with VH-CAK markings) re-registered as VH-CYO Called from Australian register next year Sold to Markair February 1084 Went to Southern Air Transport July 1991 and later on re-registered to N909SJ On lease to Schreiner Airways (Holland) and was based at Amsterdam Schiphol airport (1993) Leased to Hunting Cargo and sub-leased to Aer Lingus. Seen stored Marana Az October 1998 Sold to Lynden Air Cargo November 1998 and received a new registration N404LC

Air Supply Alaska
Air Supply Alaska, Inc. (ASA) is a locally owned and operated air cargo service with aircraft based at the Kenai airport. ASA is certified to operate under Part 135 by the Federal Aviation Administration. Air Supply Alaska has been in business since March 2003 and at present they have 2 Beech 18 aircraft in daily operation.

Universal Airlines
Universal airlines UA, is a cargo company who specialized in the automotive part manufactures distribution. They were originally based at Victoria, Texas to serve their customers located in Mexico. Since 2004 they moved their operations to Kenai Alaska and started in the annual summer fish hauling industry. They operate three Douglas DC-6s in an all-cargo configuration. UA still retains a largo maintenance facility at Victoria for the purpose of performing heavy maintenance and cargo conversions on transport category aircraft.

N500UA Douglas DC-6 (44597)
Delivered to the USAF 27th August 1954 as a C-118A model with tail code 53-3226 Transferred to the USN as 153691 Wfu and stored at Davis Monthan air force base during June 1965 Sold to Arctic Select Seafood Inc. as N766WC (March 1987) Seized by “custom services” February 1988 Later on bought by Florida Aircraft Leasing Corp and leased to Gulf & Caribbean Cargo (1990). To Aztec Capital Corp. and leased to Florida Air transport. Sold to Universal Airlines (May 1999) and re-registered as N500UA.

Everts Air Fuel
Owned and operated by Rob Everts, Everts Air Fuel is headquartered at Fairbanks, providing fuel delivery throughout the state. The company has converted several DC-6s and four C-46s into fuel tankers and operates from Fairbanks to the interior and the arctic coast. Usually a pair of C-46s operates permanently from Kenai in order to serve the short runways and lower region of Alaska.

N444CE Douglas DC-6 (45478)
Originally built as a DC-6B for Union Aeromaritime de Transport and delivered (March 1958) as F-BIAM Sold to Air Afrique as TU-TCF (1963) went to Trans Union as F-BOEX at November 1967 Sold to Belgium International Air Services as OO-HEX and then as OO-PAY, later re-registered as OO-FVG for Delta Air Transport (December 1971). Sold to Canada as C-GHLZ and went to Conair Aviation as Tanker 45 during 1975 Served for 22 years in Canada before leaving to Alaska Registered to Tatonduk Outfitters Limited based at Fairbanks Converted to a fuel tanker and registered to Everts Air Fuel during May 2001

N7780B Douglas DC-6 (45372)
Originally built as a DC-6A for Riddle Airlines and delivered on the 12th November 1957 as N7780B Flew with Hughes Tool Company and later seen wfu-stored at Santa Monica CA Bought by Partners of America (1973) Sold a year later to Robert G Sholten and moved up North to Alaska with Northern Air Cargo (converted to a fuel tanker) operated by Northern Air Fuel (1998) Bought by Everts Air Fuel

Brook Fuel Inc.

Brook Fuel is based at Fairbanks and is owned and operated by Roger Brooks. The company specializes in the transportation of aviation gasoline, jet fuel and heating oils, throughout the states. Most destinations are remote villages, settlements and mining operations. Brooks’s fuel operates a fleet of two Douglas DC-4s although the larger DC-7c and ATL-98 Carvair have been used.

N3054 Douglas DC-4 (10547)
Delivered to the United States Army Air Force 31st January 1945 as a C-54D-1-DC model with tail code 42-72442 Went to the USN as 91994 converted during 1962 to a C-54Q model. Retired and wfu/stored at Davis Monthan AFB Az July 1970. Took up civilian marks as N62296 with Aero Union Corp December 1974 Re-registered as N76UA was seen painted in “Spirit of America” colors 1976 To Aero Flite Inc in 2001 and re-registered as N3054V Stored Ryans Field Az and sold to Brooks Fuel Spring 2007 as fuel tanker.