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Rotterdam Zomer Carnival; a huge event in Rotterdam held in end July every year. Resembling the famous carnival of Rio de Janeiro, it is a fantastic combination of music, dance, food, parades and lots of enjoyment. Absolutely spectacular, Rotterdam Zomer Carnival is a huge event of Rotterdam and one of the largest in Europe. Known as Zomer carnival, the event features dances, Latin music, exotic food and the street Parade. The carnival takes place in end of July and attracts about 600,000 visitors annually. Similar to the carnival at Rio de Janeiro, Zomer Carnival of Rotterdam combines the colours of Dutch, Surinam and Antillean cultures on the same platform. At Zomer Carnival, visitors can enjoy a variety of events that present different forms of music, dance shows and parades. The events at Zomer Carnival are as follows: Street Parade: This is one of the most significant features of Zomer Carnival. Dance, Latin music and colorful costumes form the highlights of this event. All this, along with a Festive atmosphere attracts more than 2000 participants and a huge crowd of spectators. Queen Election: The carnival is incomplete without a queen. The Queen of Zomer carnival is in the limelight during the Street Parade. The Queen Election declares a winner and she remains the Zomer carnival Queen for one year. Battle of Drums: With brass bands providing rocking music, the Battle of Drums is a musical competition that presents brass music, a significant part of Antillean culture. The band that performs the best is awarded with the title 'Best Brass band Zomer carnival'.

The group Bolivia Minka started in 1995 under the name “Caporales de Bolivia”. Minka is Aymaran for community labour. It exists of a group of Bolivian, Peruvian, Venezuelan and Dutch male & female members. Through the folklore of song and dance the group lets the visitors and on-lookers get acquainted with the century old and rich Bolivian culture. They demonstrate the La Cullawade: a ritual dance of spiders, La Diablada: were the devil dances with the bears, condors and angels, and Las Tobas: a dance from the tropical rain forest (Chaco).