Vintage Glory: Airline Colour Schemes of the 1980s

This nostalgic trip around the world captures airline companies during the early 1980s and the world of airline brochures, ads and stickers. Take a stroll down memory lane to the beginnings of the 1980s with classic jetliners and first B747 Jumbo jets, an exciting time for commercial aviation enthusiasts. Presented are first-generation major airlines such as Aeroflot, British Airways, TWA, KLM, Panam and major Dutch airlines in the colorful schemes. A dynamic collection of color Brochures and Ads of commercial airliners from around the world, throughout the turbulent 1980s…Many of the airliners featured have departed the aviation scene while those remaining have since adopted new color schemes. During that it was a normal practice to write to the airlines requesting information, time tables and pictures. Hereby I present you the private collection from Dutch aviation photographer Andre Alders, who was so kind to lend me these wonderful brochures, time tables, airline photo's and sticker for me to post on this website. All Brochures and Sticker Andre Alders collection March 2014