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Concorde G-BBDG 'Delta Golf' (1974)

The Brooklands Concorde G-BBDG was the second production Concorde and the first British production aircraft, with construction beginning in early 1970 at Brooklands and Toulouse.
Delta Golf's first flight was made by Peter Baker and Brian Trubshaw on February 13th 1974, and its first flight at Mach 2 on April 10th 1974.  On July 6th, 1974, following a series of proving flights; she became the first production Concorde to land at London Heathrow. She performed engineering tests, route proving, CAA certification, public relations and promotional work and, in the course of this programme, flew in formation with the Red Arrows. In 1974, DG was also the first aircraft ever to carry 100 people in supersonic flight. With her final landing at Filton on Christmas Eve in 1981, piloted by Peter Baker and Roy Radford, Delta Golf had undertaken 633 flights 1,282 hours in the air.
The aircraft was then stored at Filton and, in 1984, was sold to British Airways who used her as a source of spare parts for their Concorde fleet.
After Concorde's retirement was announced in early 2003, British Airways offered Delta Golf to the Museum in recognition of Brooklands' considerable part in the history of Concorde.  Dismantled and transported by Air Salvage International (ASI), the Brooklands-built front and rear fuselage sections arrived at the Museum on May 5th 2004 and the rest of the airframe followed on June 5th. A 'Brooklands Concorde' restoration appeal was launched and re-assembly of the main structure was carried out by an ASI team from March to December 2005. With considerable help from sponsors and many Museum volunteers, this aircraft was further restored, complete with a unique on-board exhibition. Concorde was officially opened to visitors by HRH Prince Michael of Kent on July 26th 2006. The Brooklands Concorde Experience is a 35-minute visit to see inside one of the world's most iconic aircraft and to enjoy a virtual 'flight'. It may be booked at regular times each day. In addition, there are number of Concorde Special Events including flying the Concorde Simulator, Concorde Champagne Days, and Deluxe and Technical Concorde 'Flights'.

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