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The South African National War Museum in Johannesburg was officially opened by Prime Minister Jan Smuts on 29 August 1947 to preserve the history of South Africa's involvement in the Second World War. In 1975, the museum was renamed the South African National Museum of Military History and its function changed to include all conflicts that South Africa has been involved in. In 1999 it was amalgamated with the Pretoria based Transvaal Museum and National Cultural History Museum to form the NFI.

On the grounds of the museum is a large memorial designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens. On 30 November 1910 Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn laid a commemorative stone at the memorial. Originally called the Rand Regiments Memorial and dedicated to British soldiers that lost their lives during the Second Boer War, it was rededicated on 10 October 1999 to all people who died during the Second Boer War and renamed the Boer War Memorial.

The Museum is an impressive memorial to the past with its wide collection of World War 1 and 2 fighter planes - some the only remaining planes of their kind in the world - tanks used by the South African Defence Force in war in Angola, armaments, medals, military insignia and uniforms.

The SA National Museum of Military History hosts tours for all age groups, allowing adults and children to gain information about the artifacts displayed. Guided tours are available on request during the week, and the library and photographic facilities are available for research

In April 2010 the War Museum was officially renamed Ditsong Museums of South Africa and the SANMMH was renamed the Ditsong National Museum of Military History.

The Ditsong National Museum of Military History is located on Erlswold Way, Saxonwold, above the Johannesburg Zoo. It is open 7 days a week, from 9am to 4.30pm. Admission is R25 for adults, R15 for seniors and children.

The main attraction for me to visit this excellent museum was its largest display a Douglas DC-3 Dakota, which is situated on the main yard. This a/c I photographed back in February 2004 hanging from the ceiling of the Caesars' Casino near the Johannesburg International airport. In 2009 it was sold to a private concern and was donated to the SA War museum.

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