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Executive DC-3 Part-2 foto 0

Executive DC-3 Part-2 foto 1

Executive DC-3 Part-2 foto 2

Douglas DC-3 series

′Executive – VIP edition′

All the aircraft featured in this special addition feature some sort of modification/conversion in the shape of different engine cowling, landing gear doors, engine exhaust/baffles, oil coolers and tail wheel closure…incorporated in the AiResearch Maximizer kit. Also included are the Miner’s Aircraft engine cowls and spinners. In addition all of these aircraft feature some sort of a cockpit & cabin VIP conversion which included the large (longer) panoramic cabin windows featured by the Remmert-Werner Super-92 DC-3 conversion.

In the fast paced world we live it today; it is refreshing to pay tribute to an airplane, the term obsolete and not reusable may never apply: the legendary Douglas DC-3 /C-47 still linger on. Although it has been over 85 years it has first flown, as many as a 900 examples still survive as wrecks/relics in museums and some even keep hauling passengers and cargo. This page pays tribute to the different Dakota′s, DC-3s and C-47s from around the world, restored show-birds, nostalgic airliners, VIP transports, tired cargo haulers and decaying hulks from the past and present. According to the latest Air Britain worldwide DC-3 survey as off October 2010, there are 164 derelict airframes, 219 stored examples, 336 preserved airframes and 281 active airframes, totalling 991 DC-3s and 9 DC-2s. 

According our own studies from the last few years, the total number of flying (airworthy) DC-3s has dropped down to 175 airframes – January 2020.

credit: Douglas logo′s and production factory logo′s by Arthur Pearcy "Douglas DC-3 Survivors" Motor books International – Aston Publication Volume 1-2 (1987 and 1988) and Sixty Glorious Years 1995 Airlife Publishing Ltd. Aircraft reference and data: DC-3 history and aircraft date from2006 Air Britain, The Douglas DC-1/DC-2/DC-3 "The First 70 Years" and the 2011 75 Years Celebration Edition + 1996 The Legacy of the DC-3 by Henry Holden. (All pictures from Alex Mc Phee collection).

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Executive DC-3 Part-2 foto 4

DC-3 CF-WCM (c/n 9053) ex Champion Spark Plug Co. at Buffalo, NY, photographed at Millardair Ltd, Malton Ontario Canada photo: Larry Millberry

Executive DC-3 Part-2 foto 5

Executive DC-3 Part-2 foto 5a

Executive DC-3 Part-2 foto 5b

*DC-3 N25641 (c/n 9059) with Kearney & Trecker Corp 1973, currently airworthy as Legend Air with Colorado Llc Cape Girardeau MO.

Executive DC-3 Part-2 foto 6

DC-3 XB-NAE (c/n 20454) seen here with Trailers de Monterrey SA, ex Pillsbury Mills N1234X (1958) and Midwestern VW Corp N164VW (1967)

Executive DC-3 Part-2 foto 7

DC-3A CF-QCM (c/n 4854) seen with Fermes Miron Farms Inc Montreal Canada (1977) ex NC15574 Beldex Corp and N70B Canadian Shell Limited.

Executive DC-3 Part-2 foto 8

DC-3 N33M (c/n 2119) seen here with 3M Minnesota Mining & Mfg Corp, ex TWA NC14932 and Remmert Werner Corp 1950.

Executive DC-3 Part-2 foto 9

DC-3 N55CE (c/n 15097/26542) seen here with Army Corps of Engineers (1971) Preserved at Hill AFB Museum UT.

Executive DC-3 Part-2 foto 10

DC-3 N59G (c/n 4988) seen here with Flight Test Research Inc (1969) ; ex Parker Pen Co N51A and LB Smith Aircraft Corp out of Miami.

Executive DC-3 Part-2 foto 11

Executive DC-3 Part-2 foto 11a

Executive DC-3 Part-2 foto 11b

*DC-3 N80M (c/n 34378) seen with Outboard Marine Corp. (1965) reregistered to N54542 (1978) to ERA Aviation as N1944H 1995 aka ′Spirit of Alaska′. Currently with PMDG Flight Operations as N33611 in Panam colors ′Clipper Tabitha′.

Executive DC-3 Part-2 foto 12

DC-3 N175W (c/n 9149) photographed with Red Owl Stores Inc – Falcon a/c Conversions Inc San Antonio Texas (1967).

Executive DC-3 Part-2 foto 13

DC-3 N230BK (c/n 15437/26882) seen with Blaw Knox Co. at YYZ Toronto (1964) ex Olin Mathieson Chemical corp as N3X.

Executive DC-3 Part-2 foto 14

DC-3 N1000W (c/n 13643) Ashland Oil & Refining Co. photographed at YYZ Toronto (1963), reregistered as N100DW, to Serv-Air, of Florida Inc Jacksonville FL.

Executive DC-3 Part-2 foto 15

DC-3 N1942 (c/n 3267) ex TWA – Beldex Corp – Remmert Werner (1952)

Executive DC-3 Part-2 foto 16

DC-3 N2630 (c/n 19593) seen here with Socony Vacuum Oil comp (1950) later registered to N2630M Aero International Association Inc.

Executive DC-3 Part-2 foto 17

DC-3 N70003 (c/n 12938) seen with North American Life Insurance Co. (1966) Minneapolis MN.

Executive DC-3 Part-2 foto 18

Executive DC-3 Part-2 foto 18a

*DC-3 N800J (c/n 20806) photographed with Johnson & Johnson at Toronto Canada. Currently active as N877MG with the ‘Historic Flight Foundation’ in silver Panam color at Paine Field USA

Executive DC-3 Part-2 foto 19

C-47 ′50761′ (c/n 14828/26273) U.S. Army Douglas EC-47J - 50761, ex-Navy R4D-6, shown at Andrews AFB, Maryland, in May 1968. Note the pylon mounted on this Skytrain left wing. (Nick Williams collection), currently on display at the Charles B Hall Airpark Tinker AFB (north side) Oklahoma City OK.

Executive DC-3 Part-2 foto 20

DC-3 CF-DJT (c/n 19039) ex Canadair Ltd (1946) to Maritime Central Airlines (1950) and also to Avro Aircraft Ltd (1955)

Executive DC-3 Part-2 foto 21

Executive DC-3 Part-2 foto 22

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