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Your holiday starts here, at the 2010 Vakantiebeurs ("Holiday Fair"), where you can discover all the information required for selecting a perfect holiday. The exhibition was held from Jan 12th to Jan 16th, at the main exhibition halls at the Jaarbeurs complex, just across the main rail station at downtown Utrecht. The fact that you were able to speak directly to the providers was an ideal arrangement and was often complemented by meeting some of the local people right there on the stand. This certainly provides the many thousands of visitors with excellent impression you can expect abroad. This year’s host European country was Portugal and host far destination was Indonesia.

On top of everything else, the 2010 Vakantiebeurs was of course also a superb destination for simply a great fun day out; with exotic music, delicious food and a chance to sample the holiday atmosphere and rev up that pre-holiday feeling of excitement…. Hence the 2010 theme: 'Meet the Locals'. In short, the 2011 Vakantiebeurs was the first base on the way to the perfect holiday success for every holidaymaker. Source: De VakantieBeurs 2010 - www.vakantiebeurs.nl