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1985 Schiphol Airport1985 Schiphol Airport
La Paz ′below the Illimani′La Paz ′below the Illimani′
Bolivian SkytrucksBolivian Skytrucks
Zoggavia - a trip to memory laneZoggavia - a trip to memory lane
This website is dedicated in loving memory of my mother ′Ena Yasmini Alexander′ born 13th of May 1934 at San Juan, Aranquez, Trinidad & Tobago Islands. She passed away on the 10th December 2018 at her home-town of Hoofddorp Holland. As a family we travelled the globe and lived in several countries, which probably sparked the enthusiasm for travel. We also shared the passion off travelling abroad and taking pictures in order to capture all of these wonderful Kodak moments. I created a special link as a tribute to my mother travels across the globe with her late husband George. See Grandma Travel Page;
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Destionation Cochabamba El Alto
Lineas Aereas Canedo, Cochabamba<br />Bolivia 2005-2006Lineas Aereas Canedo, Cochabamba
Bolivia 2005-2006
El Alto La Paz Propliners 1980El Alto La Paz Propliners 1980
Aircraft Museums
Wings over Dallas - Texas Museums 2018<br />
  - Cavanaugh Flight Museum <br />
- CR Smith Museum<br />
- Mid America Flight Museum<br />
- Vintage Flight MuseumWings over Dallas - Texas Museums 2018
- Cavanaugh Flight Museum
- CR Smith Museum
- Mid America Flight Museum
- Vintage Flight Museum
2016 Speyer Museum Germany2016 Speyer Museum GermanyZhuliany Aviation Museum 2010Zhuliany Aviation Museum 2010
Brussels Air Museum 2007Brussels Air Museum 2007Duxford Imperial Ward Museum 2007Duxford Imperial Ward Museum 2007Toulouse Ailes Museum 2006Toulouse Ailes Museum 2006
Military Aviation Museum, Soesterberg Feb 2015Military Aviation Museum, Soesterberg Feb 2015Brookland Museum UK 2014Brookland Museum UK 2014National Aviation Theme Park Aviodrome - Lelystad HollandNational Aviation Theme Park Aviodrome - Lelystad Holland
Miscellaneous articles on Aviation
DC3_McAllen-Texas (1982-1987)DC3_McAllen-Texas (1982-1987)PBA Airlines DC-3 Flight (1979-1980)PBA Airlines DC-3 Flight (1979-1980)Willemstad Revisited Feb 2020Willemstad Revisited Feb 2020
Bolivian Propliners El Alto La Paz & Cochabamba 1980Bolivian Propliners El Alto La Paz & Cochabamba 1980DC-3 Bogota & Villavicencio Colombia 1980DC-3 Bogota & Villavicencio Colombia 1980Air Atlantic DC3 Fleet&HistoryAir Atlantic DC3 Fleet&History
Air Colombia DC3 Flight April 2015Air Colombia DC3 Flight April 2015Oaxaca DC3 Flight Mexico 1987Oaxaca DC3 Flight Mexico 1987KLM Boeing 747 Farewell Flight Feb 2020KLM Boeing 747 Farewell Flight Feb 2020
Jet Air Curacao F70 Feb 2020Jet Air Curacao F70 Feb 2020ALM- Antillian Airlines tributeALM- Antillian Airlines tributeClassic Air DC-3 PromoClassic Air DC-3 Promo
Hato Airport Revisited Feb 2020Hato Airport Revisited Feb 2020Divi Divi Air Feb 2020Divi Divi Air Feb 2020Douglas DC-3 series Update – 13Douglas DC-3 series Update – 13
Douglas DC-3 series - Executive – VIP editionDouglas DC-3 series - Executive – VIP editionTagua - Douglas DC-3 HK-1505Tagua - Douglas DC-3 HK-1505SATENA – Colombia′s "Pioneer" airlineSATENA – Colombia′s "Pioneer" airline
Executive DC-3 Conversions – Part 1Executive DC-3 Conversions – Part 1Daks over Duxford 2019<br />- Daks over Duxford<br />- Daks over Duxford and Caen<br />- DDS Air-2-Air<br />- IWM Duxford<br />- Old Warden DC3Daks over Duxford 2019
- Daks over Duxford
- Daks over Duxford and Caen
- DDS Air-2-Air
- IWM Duxford
- Old Warden DC3
BWIA - We are the CaribbeanBWIA - We are the Caribbean
FLying Legends Duxford 2018FLying Legends Duxford 2018Pinup and Wings 2018Pinup and Wings 2018Classic AirlinesClassic Airlines
Travel MapsTravel MapsKLM/KLC Fokker 70 1993-2017KLM/KLC Fokker 70 1993-2017Conair DC6Conair DC6
Flabob Fly-In California 2017Flabob Fly-In California 2017DC3 Update 12DC3 Update 12Otis Spunkmeijer DC3Otis Spunkmeijer DC3
Aero Virgin Air DC-3Aero Virgin Air DC-3Chalks AirlinesChalks AirlinesNorthern Air Cargo Douglas DC-6Northern Air Cargo Douglas DC-6
 Virgin Island Seaplane Grumman G-73 Mallard Virgin Island Seaplane Grumman G-73 MallardConvair C-131 Samaritan<br />Opa Locka FL 2017Convair C-131 Samaritan
Opa Locka FL 2017
South Florida Daks 2017South Florida Daks 2017
2016 Speyer Airliner Classics2016 Speyer Airliner Classics2016 Speyer Museum2016 Speyer Museum2015 LAX Spotting2015 LAX Spotting
DC-3 Update 11DC-3 Update 11DC-3 Photoshoot Lyon Museum 2015DC-3 Photoshoot Lyon Museum 2015DC-3 update 10DC-3 update 10
Los Angelos CA Road TripLos Angelos CA Road Trip 2015
- Flight Path Learning Center
- Lyon Air Museum
- March Field Museum
- Palm Springs Air Museum
- Planes of Fame Air Museum
- Yanks Air Museum
DC-3 update 9DC-3 update 9DC6 modelsDC6 models
C46 modelsC46 modelsColombia Revisited - Air CaribeColombia Revisited - Air Caribe 2015
- Museo Aeroespacial Colombiano
- Lineas Aereas Suramericanas
- Bogota Villavicencio
- La Vanguardia Airport
DC-3 update 8DC-3 update 8
Dubai city break 2015Dubai city break 2015South Africa 2015South Africa 2015
- Dakota Lodge Springbok Classic Air
- Johannesburg Zoo
- Rand Airport
- SA War Museum
- SAA War Museum
DC-3 update 7 - 80 golden yearsDC-3 update 7 - 80 golden years
KLM MD11 Farewell Flights 2014KLM MD11 Farewell Flights 2014Operation Market Garden 1944 - 2014Operation Market Garden 1944 - 2014 DC3 Fly-in Salzburg 2014 DC3 Fly-in Salzburg 2014
Breitling Normandy Flight Breitling Normandy Flight 2014 CherbougDakotas Cherboug Dakotas 1 2014 CherbougDakotas2 Cherboug Dakotas 2 2014
Merville C-47 Merville C-47 Normandy 2014 C47 Airborne Airborne - C-47 Sainte-Mere-Eglise 2014 Normandy Road Trip Normandy Road Trip 2014
FlyingBullsRevisited The Flying Bulls Revisited DC6 Postcards DC3 DC3 Postcards Ilyushin IL-96-300 Aeroflot IL-96-300 2014
Dc-3 update 6 DC-3 Update 6 Brochures Vintage Glory: Airline Colour Schemes of the 1980s DC3 update 5 DC3 update 5
Diary of the NorthKorea Trip Diary of the NorthKorea Trip 2013 USA Road Trip USA Road Trip 2013 Warbirds & Legends airshow Warbirds & Legends airshow 2013
IL62 IL62 tribute Hoorn Catalina Hoorn Catalina 2013 DC3 part4 DC3 part 4
Air Koryo pictures Air Koryo 2012 China Museum China Museum part 1+2 2012 Connie flight Ready for Take Off
PhotoFlyin 2012 PhotoFlyin 2012 DDA 30 years DDA 30 years 2012 DC3Part3 DC3Part3
DC3Part2 DC3Part2 DC3Part1 DC3Part1 Peter Stuyvesant Catalina Odyssey 1993-1994 Peter Stuyvesant Catalina Odyssey 1993-1994
DC7BFlight DC-7B Flight 2011 OpaLockaPinups Opa Locka Pinups Tiara Air Island Hopping Island Hopping with Tiara Air 2008
Antonov AN2 Meeting 1998) Antonov AN-2 Meeting ILA-98 Berlin Airshow (1998) Chernoye AN2 Reworks Chernoye AN2 Reworks 2008 2003 Coventry Airshow 2003 Coventry Airshow
 Ju Air JU52 Flight Ju Air JU52 Flight 2011 Bolivian C-46 Odyssey Bolivian C-46 Odyssey 2010 Reeve Air tribute 1987Reeve Air tribute 1987
Gimli Airport DC-3 and C-46 2009Gimli Airport DC-3 and C-46 2009DC3 75th AnniversaryDC3 75th AnniversaryVickers VC10 tributeVickers VC10 tribute
Tandem Aero IL18 Flight 2010Tandem Aero IL18 Flight 2010Chisinau 2010Chisinau 2010Exploring Canada′s Northern province 1998Exploring Canada′s Northern province 1998
The Golden Age of Vintage Airline AdsThe Golden Age of Vintage Airline AdsLegendary DC3 75th anniversaryLegendary DC3 75th anniversaryCurtiss C-46 70th AnniversaryCurtiss C-46 70th Anniversary
Sud Aviation SE 210 CaravelleSud Aviation SE 210 CaravelleDouglas DC-8 tributeDouglas DC-8 tributeBoneyard Desert Arizona 1988Boneyard Desert Arizona 1988
Ontario Bush Plane Trail 2009Ontario Bush Plane Trail 2009Moscow Zhukovsky MAKS 2009Moscow Zhukovsky MAKS 2009Lineas Aereas Canedo Revised 2006Lineas Aereas Canedo Revised 2006
Santo Domino 1991Santo Domino 1991Skytruck Pounding PistonsSkytruck Pounding PistonsThe Legendary DC-3The Legendary DC-3
Flying Legends Belpmoos Swiss 20061Flying Legends Belpmoos Swiss 20061Anchorage Alaska April 2004Anchorage Alaska April 2004South African Props and Jets 2004South African Props and Jets 2004
Opa Locka Airport Sky Trucks 2006Opa Locka Airport Sky Trucks 2006Douglas DC-3 meeting Aviodrome Lelystad 2006Douglas DC-3 meeting Aviodrome Lelystad 2006Aerosur/LAB B727 Flights - March 2005Aerosur/LAB B727 Flights - March 2005
Red Bull DC-6B Flight 2006Red Bull DC-6B Flight 2006The Lockheed ConstellationThe Lockheed ConstellationAirport Days Hamburg 2007Airport Days Hamburg 2007
Peter Stuyvesant Travel Odyssey 1993Peter Stuyvesant Travel Odyssey 1993Rossia Tu154/134 Flight 2008Rossia Tu154/134 Flight 2008Iran AviationIran Aviation 2008
The 707 CollectionThe 707 CollectionAlaskan Sky TrucksAlaskan Sky Trucks Consolidated PBY/285 ACF Catalina/CansoConsolidated PBY/285 ACF Catalina/Canso
Willow Run Airport Willow Run Airport 1994 Classic Airport Pix Classic Airport Pix
  • Amsterdam AMS
  • Istanbul IST
  • Toronto YYZ
Frankfurt Airport Frankfurt Airport 1986/1987
Orly Airport (Paris) Orly Airport Paris 1991 The City of Tver (Russia) Tver (Russia) 2009 Chkalovsky Airport Chkalovsky Airport Russia 2008/a>
South Florida Airports 2010South Florida Airports 2010Moscow AirportsMoscow AirportsVillavicencio Airport Colombia 1999Villavicencio Airport Colombia 1999
Schiphol Airport Classic Jets and Props Mid 1980′sSchiphol Airport Classic Jets and Props Mid 1980′sCaracas Maiquetia - Simon Bolivar International Airport 2006Caracas Maiquetia - Simon Bolivar International Airport 2006Anchorage Air Crossroads of the World 2007Anchorage Air Crossroads of the World 2007
Hato Airport 2008Hato Airport 2008Hato Airport (CUR/TNCC) Netherlands Antilles 1992 &2004Hato Airport (CUR/TNCC) Netherlands Antilles 1992 &2004Honolulu International Airport June 1984Honolulu International Airport June 1984
Eilat Airport (ETH) March 2001Eilat Airport (ETH) March 2001Winter in Edmonton Canada 1983Winter in Edmonton Canada 1983New York - JFK International Airport 1986New York - JFK International Airport 1986
Miami International Airport March 1986Miami International Airport March 1986Luis Munoz Marin International Airport 1985-1989Luis Munoz Marin International Airport 1985-1989 Moscow AirportsMoscow Airports 2008
2016 Flowerfield2016 Flowerfield2016 Classic cars2016 Classic carsAsian DancersAsian Dancers
Street Parade Rotterdam 2014Street Parade Rotterdam 2014 Beijing 2012 Beijing 2012 China Museum Pyongyang part 1+2
North Korea 2012
Zomercarnaval 2012 Rotterdam Zomercarnaval 2012 Bolivia Minka Bolivia Minka Peru Alegria Peruana
ClassicCars ClassicCars Paris Night Photography Paris Night Photography 2011 Keukenhof 2011 Keukenhof 2011
MiamiArtDeco Miami Southbeach Art Deco 2010 Istanbul Istanbul 2011
  • Istanbul City Walk
  • Istanbul Night Pix
  • Turkish Airforce Museum and
  • KOC Museum
Vakantiebeurs 2011 Vakantiebeurs 2011
Night Pictures 2 South American Pin Ups Vakantiebeurs 2010
Night Skies Miami Revised Summer Carnival 2009
Party_Pix Keukenhof Inkapacha
Inkapacha 2 Bolivia Minka Street Vision _ ROC Amsterdam
Summer Carnival 2008 Rotterdam Tall Ships Races 2008 Den Helder  
images Paris Alaska Basel - Switzerland Brighton - UK
Cambridge UK Canada Curacao 2008
Photo′s from Holland Majorca Moscow - 2008
Moscow Revisited South Africa Tehran - Iran
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