Watson Island

No visit to South Florida is complete without a visit to Miami Watson Island the home of Chalks seaplane fleet. On my very first visit, which was on a shoestring budget, I traveled the number 30 bus from Miami Airways Motel to Watson Island. The exit point was JC Penny department store on the Biscayne Boulevard and then I had to walk across the Macarthur Bridge towards Watson Island.
At the time Chalks was still operating the Grumman G-111 Albatross, which was the civil version on the military HU-16. I was lucky to catch G-111 N117FB in action. Chalks main routes where Miami Watson Island Paradise Island (Bahamas) and West Palm Beach. Soon after my visit the G111s where taken out of service and stored in the Arizona desert. Only one Grumman G-73T Mallard (N1208) was active during my visit.

N117FBG-111 AlbatrossChalks at Watson Island
N1208 G-73TChalks at Watson Island