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Website released: 25 April 2006
Rev. DB 21-02-2021 Dietmar Plath Bolivian Skytrucks
Zoggavia DC3 part 1 + 2
1985 Schiphol Airport
Rev. DA 30-12-2020 Willemstad Revisited Feb 2020
PBA Airlines DC3 Flight
DC3 McAllen Texas
Rev. CZ 29-10-2020 El Alto - La Paz

DC-3 Colombia
Rev. CY 16-09-2020 Air Atlantic DC3
Air Colombia DC3 Flight
Oaxaca DC3 Flight Mexico
Rev. CX 25-03-2020 Jet Air Curacao F70
KLM Boeing 747 Farewell flight
Classis Air DC-3
Divi Divi Air
Hato Airport Revisited
Rev. CW 02-02-2020 Douglas DC-3 series - Executive – VIP edition
Douglas DC-3 series Update – 13
Rev. CV 08-11-2019 Tagua - Douglas DC-3 HK-1505
SATENA – Colombia′s "Pioneer" airline
Executive DC-3 Conversions – Part 1
Rev. CU 01-09-2019 Daks over Duxford
Rev. CT 10-03-2019 BWIA
Grandma Travels
Rev. CS 08-01-2019 Wings over Dallas Texas Museums
Rev. CR 23-09-2018 Pinup and Wings
Flying Legends Duxford 2018
Rev. CQ 05-03-2018 Classic Airlines
Travel maps
Rev. CP 11-01-2018 KLM/KLC Fokker 70
Rev. CO 20-12-2017 Conair DC6
Flabob Fly-in
Rev. CN 21-07-2017 Otis Spunkmeijer DC3
DC3-Updates 12
Rev. CM 14-04-2017 Aero Virgin Air DC3
Chalks Airlines
Rev. CL 23-03-2017 Northern Air Cargo Douglas DC-6
Virgin Island Seaplane Grumman G-73 Mallard
Rev. CK 24-02-2017 C131 Convair
Dakota Part 12
Rev. CJ 15-09-2016 Airliner Classics 2016
Speyer Museum
Rev. CI 31-07-2016 2015-LAX-spotting
2016-Classic cars
Rev. CH 29-02-2016 DC3 - Update 11
Rev. CG 06-01-2016 DC3 - Photoshoot Lyon
Rev. CF 09-12-2015 DC3 - update 10
Los Angelos Road Trip
Asian Dancers
Rev. CE 13-08-2015 DC3 - update 9
DC6 models
C46 models
Rev. CD 16-05-2015 DC3 - update 8
Colombia Revisited
- Air Caribe
- Museo Aeroespacial Colombiano
- Lineas Aereas Suramericanas
- Bogota Villavicencio
- La Vanguardia Airport
Rev. CD 25-03-2015 South Africa Revisited 2015
- Dakota Lodge Springbok Classic Air
- Johannesburg Zoo
- Rand Airport
- SA War Museum
- SAA Museum
- Sky Class Aviation

Rev. CC 28-01-2015 DC3 - update 7
Military Aviation Museum, Soesterberg Feb 2015
Rev. CB 12-12-2014 Operation Market Garden 1944 – 2014
Rev. CB 30-11-2014 KLM MD11 Farewell Flights
Brookland Museum UK
Rev. CA 15-09-2014 DC3 Fly-in Salzburg
Rev. BZ 19-08-2014 Normandy Road Trip- 2014
Street Parade Rotterdam - 2014
World of Transport Douglas DC3 and C-47 skytrain
The Flying Bulls revisited - Salzburg 2014
Rev. BY 17-04-2014 DC-3 Update 6
Ilyushin IL 96 300
Rev. BX 20-02-2014 Vintage Glory: brochures
Rev. BW 29-11-2013 Diary of the North Korea Trip
DC3 update 5
Rev. BV 19-09-2013 Ilyushin IL62
USA trip 2013
Rev. BU 23-02-2013 DC3 part 4
Rev. BT 14-01-2013 Beijing 2012
Rev. BS 08-11-2012 Air Koryo
China Museum part 1+2
Pyongyang part 1+2
Rev BR 01-09-2012 Ready for Take Off
PhotoFlyin 2012
Rev BP 02-08-2012 Rotterdam Zomercarnaval 2012
Bolivia Minka
Alegria Peruana
Rev BO 19-06-2012 DDA 30 years
Rev BN 04-06-2012 DC3 Part3
Rev BM 22-02-2012 DC3 Part2
Rev BL 01-02-2012 DC3 Part1
Classic Cars
Rev BM 05-01-2012Paris Night Photography
Peter Stuyvesant Catalina Odyssey 1993-1994
Rev BL 29-11-2011Opa Locka Pinups
DC7B Flight
Rev BK 23-10-2011 Willow Run Airport
Rev BJ 15--09-2011 Island hopping with Tiara Air
Rev BI 29-08-2011 Antonov AN2 Meeting Berlin 1998
Chernoye AN2 Reworks
Rev BH 01-08-2011 Keukenhof 2011
2003 Coventry Airshow
Rev BG 29-06-2011 Ju Air Flight
Miami Art Deco
Rev BF 24-05-2011 Classis Airport Pix
Rev BE 27-04-2011 Istanbul 2011
Rev BD 28-02-2011 Frankfurt Airport
Rev BC 12-02-2011 Orly Airport
Vakantiebeurs 2011
Rev BB 18-01-2011 Tver (Russia)
Rev BA 30-12-2010 Bolivian C-46 Odyssey
Rev AZ 08-12-2010 DC3 75th anniversary
Night Pictures 2
Rev AY 06-11-2010 My Chillout Lounge added
VC 10
Rev AX 20-10-2010 IL 18 Flight
Chisinau 2010
Rev AW 27-09-2010 Yellowknife Canada 1998
Rev AV 2-9-2010 Vintage Airline Ads
Rev AU 1-7-2010 South American Pin Ups
South Florida Airports
Rev AT 24-05-2010 Legendary DC3 75th anniversary
Rev AS 30-04-2010 Keukenhof 2010
Vintage Caravelle Ads
Rev AT 10-04-2010 Curtiss C-46
Rev AS 11-03-2010 Sud Aviation Caravelle
REV AR 22-12-09 Boneyard Arizona
My Video Page
Rev AQ 24-11-09 Ontario Bush Plane Trail
MAKS 2009
Rev AP 25-10-09
Moscow Airports
Night Skies
Rev AO 25-09-2009 Revised:
Travel - Miami
Lineas Aereas Canedo
Rev AN 31-08-2009 Moscow Revisited
Tupolev Flight
Rev AM 28-07-2009 Summer Carnival Rotterdam 2009
Rev AL 17-07-2009 Gimli Canada
Rev AK 10-07-2009 Inkapacha 2
Rob Hemelrijk 707 Collection 2
Hans Huizing 707 Collection 2
Rev AJ 10-06-2009 Santo Domino1991
Party Pix
Rev AI 28-05-2009 Skytrucks
Hato Airport 2008
Rev AH 29-04-2009 Keukenhof
Rev AG 03-04-2009 Inkapacha
Rev AF 28-03-2009 Aircraft Museums
Rev AE 18-02-2009 The 707 Collection
Rev AD 29-01-2009 Street Vision
Bollivia Minka
Rev AC 04-01-2009 Airports: San Juan _1989
The Legendary DC-3
Rev AB 13-12-2008 Travel Album added Holland
Travel Album added Curacao 2008
Rev AA 10-10-2008 National Aviation Theme Park Aviodrome
Rev Z 14-09-2008 Added Summer Carnival Rotterdam
Added Tall Ships Races Den Helder
Added Monino Museum to MoscowAirports
Added Sitemap
Rev Y 19-08-2008
Travel Album added Moscow City
Airports: Moscow Airport
Rev X 14-07-2008 Revised El Alto+PhotoAlbum 2 added
Added New York Airport
Rev. W 15-06-2008 Airports - Edmonton Airport
News - Aspar PBY
Rev V 30-05-2008 Travel Album:added Basel - CH
Rev U 22-04-2008 Consolidated PBY/285ACF Catalina/Canso
- Peter Stuyvesant Photo Album 1994
- Trans African Cat
- PBY Photo Album
- Colombian Catalina
- Black Cat
Rev T 02-04-2008 Added to Jetliners Page:
- Eilat Airport<
- Honolulu Airport
Rev S 03-03-2008 - Iran Aviation
Rev R 25-02-2008 - Peter Stuyvesant Travel Odyssey
- Travel album: added Tehran-Iran
REV Q 1102-2008 - Miami Airport
- Opa Locka Props
- Ford Lauderdale Props
- Tamiami Snapshots
- Puerto Rico Airport
- San Juan 1985
- St-Thomas 1985
- Sint Maarten 1985
REV P 11-01-2008 - Miami Airport
- Miami Airport Map
- Miami Jets
- Watson Island
REV O 18-12-2007 Added Travel item Cambridge U.K.
REV N 07-11-2007 - LAB727FLYING
- HATO airport
REV M 14-10-2007 - Alaskan Sky Trucks
- DHC-2 Beaver
- Big Props
- News page: -Alaskan Sky Trucks
- Hamburg Classics
REV L 12-09-2007 - Travel Album : ALASKA 2007
REV K 29-08-2007 - Added photo's to Travel item Canada
- New: Flying Legend C-121C
Rev J 12-07-2007 - New : Alaskan Winter
- New : South African Prop & Jet Safari
Rev I 24-06-2007 - New : Opa Locka
- New : Night Operation (photo's)
- New : VVC
Rev H 18-05-2007 - Added Photo's to Bolivia, Venezuela, Curacao, Majorca, South Africa
- New logo's on Update-, LInks-, News- and Jetliners page
Rev G 17-04-2007 - Added Travel item "Holland"
- Added Schiphol PhotoAlbum
- Changed AboutMe-page
Rev F 09-01-2007 - Changed Propliners
- Added Bolivian Heavy Props with El Alto PhotoAlbum
Rev E 28-11-2006 - Added Travel item "Miami"
- Removed Cargo Masters
- Removed Travel item "Austria"
Rev.D 01 September 2006 - Added Cargo Masters
- Added Travel item Majorca
- Revised 'AboutMe'-page
Rev.C 08 August2006 - Added Travel item Austria
- Removed "Solutions Entertainment"
Rev.B: 21 June 2006
- Added Travel item Arizona-USA
- Added photo's to Travel item Canada
- Added Sunset photo's
- Added "The Lockheed Constellation"
- Added "The Douglas DC-3 meeting"
- Added List of Links
- Jetliners Under Construction
Rev A: 15 May 2006 - Added photo's to Travel section
- Added photo's to Propliner section
- Added 'Solutions Entertainment'-page
- Added RedBulls DC-6 Flight pages


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